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Matt Towler has been an artist for as long as he can remember.
Growing up supported by family, friends & teachers, he was encouraged
to explore art in multiple forms of media.

Matt often refers to the need to make art as akin to the phantom limb concept,
where he is driven to create. The absence of creativity in his life affects him
emotionally, driving him to seek inspiration from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
He expresses the culmination of his environment in his quest to create original art.

Like a camera's eye, Matt sees the world in various shades of grey
from the brightest whites to the deepest shadows. His work has often focused on
the complexity of the female form and how it relates to its environment.
He creates these images, sketches and three-dimensional representations
(as seen in his Homunculus doll series) by listening to and looking for the unexpected.
It takes many hours of sketching before a vision is really born.

In the end, Matt creates art to leave a non-verbal legacy, a glimpse
into how he sees the world, a sort of immortality when all is said and done.


All images and design except where otherwise noted are copyright 2013 Matt Towler. These images may not be reproduced in part or in full, except for review purposes, without my expressed permission. So there.